The Most Common Imperfections a Paint Correction Can Handle

No one in Fredericksburg wants to deal with random paint imperfections on their cars. But sometimes, these issues can develop and become noticeable throughout your car. But our team at The Car Wash in Fredericksburg can help you with your paint correction needs. We can target all the common concerns around your vehicle that might require you to use our correction services.

Isolated Scratches

Your car’s paint job can develop multiple small isolated scratches. These include indentations and chips that can spread throughout an area. Sometimes the scratches can mask deeper ones on the inside. But a paint correction practice can help remove these scratches and keep them from being worse.

Bird Drop Etchings

While it’s easy to clean off bird droppings, the acids from those items can still stick on your vehicle. These acids can produce etchings that stick around and are hard to clean yourself. A correction task can help you clean out all those stains and keep them from persisting.


Tar from the road can appear on the bottom part of your car. While the tar can be cleaned off at a 24 hour car wash, it can stick if it stays on the paint for too long. A paint correction task will help buff out and clear tar deposits from the bottom.

Transfer Marks

Transfer marks are the scuffs produced when a car scrapes along a surface. It could happen from a car scraping along a tree or bush. The residue left from the scrape can stick around and impact the general paint job. A corrective process can help reduce the intensity of the scuff to keep it from being worse.

You can ask us at The Car Wash in Fredericksburg if you need assistance with your paint correction needs. We can correct paint issues from all sources. You can also talk with us about our 24 hour car wash and our ceramic coating services if you need additional help in keeping your car looking like new after correcting your paint. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your paint correction services today!