How Does a Ceramic Coating Keep Your Car Safe From Bird Droppings?

Bird droppings are annoying things to find on any car, but they can become worse if you don’t care for them well. They can leave acids and other items that can stain your car and become impossible to clean. But our experts at The Car Wash in Fredericksburg can help you by applying a ceramic coating over your vehicle.

Prevent Acids From Building

One way how a ceramic coating helps is by producing a barrier that keeps the acids from a bird dropping from developing on the vehicle. The bird’s dropping includes the bird’s urine, uric acids, and various forms of digestive waste. These compounds are highly acidic, making it easy for them to stain an untreated surface. But with a ceramic coat, you can clean off the body in moments.

Creates a Slippery Surface

A ceramic coating also makes the outside of the car feel slippery. The design allows moisture to move off in moments without sticking to the vehicle. The moisture that comes from bird droppings will also slide off well, making it easier to treat.

Easier to Spot the Natural Color

Washing your car is essential after you receive a ceramic coating. Whether it’s at our 24 hour car wash or anywhere else, your vehicle will be easier to clean when you can see all the items that need care. Since your vehicle’s natural color will be easier to spot, you can find imperfections like a bird dropping that you can treat in moments.

Resists Stickiness

Since a bird dropping won’t last on the vehicle for as long, it will not be at risk of sticking. This keeps the car’s body smooth without feeling sticky, especially around high-touch areas like the doors and trunk.

Our work at The Car Wash in Fredericksburg will help you with the ceramic coating you need for keeping your car looking its best. Our coating service is one of the many solutions we provide. We also offer a paint correction service and detailing solutions. You can also use our car wash service 24 hours a day. Contact us to learn more and to schedule an appointment today!