A Ceramic Coating Prevents Tree Sap From Being a Burden On Your Car

There are many situations where you might come across tree sap on your car in Fredericksburg. Your business’ parking lot might be surrounded by trees, for example. Maybe many of the places you visit feature lots of trees that let off sap. Tree sap can be annoying, but a ceramic coating can help you keep it from being a burden. Our team at The Car Wash in Fredericksburg will be there to help you add a coating that prevents harm from tree sap.

Prevent the Inevitable

Tree sap is a concern that no one can avoid when handling their cars in Fredericksburg. Tree sap often drops from trees in the spring when the sap starts to flow after a tree is dormant in the winter. Since the sap is moving about once again, it will start to flow out of broken branches and other openings around a tree. The natural flow of tree sap makes it hard for you to stop tree sap from developing. But a ceramic coating will prevent the sap from sticking around.

Stop a Bond

Tree sap will harm your car’s body by bonding with the surface. The added stress from the sap will break apart the finish, causing a sticky look that can create paint imperfections. But the coating will adhere to the paint job and make it easier for the sap to clean off.

Easier to Clean

A ceramic coating can wick off moisture and keep it from drying off too fast. You can clean off the sap in moments, including through a 24 hour car wash like what we provide at The Car Wash in Fredericksburg.

Does Not Require Paint Correction

A coating will help you keep from requiring a paint correction on your vehicle. While we offer paint correction and detailing services, we feel that preventative measures are more important for your car than anything else. Our coatings will add that protection you deserve.

You can trust us at The Car Wash in Fredericksburg if you’re looking for a smart solution for caring for your vehicle. We at The Car Wash can help you apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle to prevent tree sap, bird droppings, and other annoyances from harming your vehicle. Whether it’s a Toyota or Ford or something fancy like a Porsche or Maserati, we can help. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!