A Ceramic Coating For Your Car Will Last For Years

We at The Car Wash in Fredericksburg will help you get a new ceramic coating ready on your vehicle. Your coating will provide a sturdy body that protects your car against tree sap, bird droppings, acid rain, and other outside threats. But how long will a ceramic coating last on your car? The great news is that a coating will last for years on your car. It makes for a valuable investment for your vehicle.

The General Timeframe

You can expect a ceramic coating to last for about two to five years on average. The timing will vary surrounding the conditions your car experiences. The ceramic coat will wear out faster if you are in more industrial areas or your car receives more sunlight each day. But the coat will stick around for a while regardless of the conditions.

More Effective Than Wax

A ceramic coating will last longer than waxing. While a wax application can add a brilliant shine to your vehicle, it will wear out in about two to three months. You’d have to apply a new wax coating again. The process is time-consuming and messy. But you won’t have to worry about this for years when you contact The Car Wash for a ceramic coating.

Can It Handle a Car Wash?

The great news about your coating is that it is sturdy enough to handle a wash. You can bring your vehicle through our 24 hour car wash stop at The Car Wash in Fredericksburg, and the coat will remain. The coat adheres itself to the body well and does not weaken during a traditional wash cycle.

Keep Washing For The Best Results

While the coating will stick around for a while, we at The Car Wash recommend you clean your vehicle on occasion. A weekly cleaning helps you clean off dirt and debris from your car, making that coating look more noticeable.

You can contact us at The Car Wash in Fredericksburg if you’re looking for a ceramic coating for your vehicle. We offer top-rate services for all vehicles. We’ll ensure you can receive the help you need every time. Our service goes alongside our 24 hour car wash and paint correction solutions. Contact us to learn more and to schedule your services today!