Fredericksburg Car Detailing

Let’s make your car star of the lane. Our crew uses only the highest-quality products, the industry’s newest & most effective equipment, butter-soft cloths and elbow grease. We will make your ride glow.


Hand Wash

Fine Soap, Microfiber Towels, Hand Dried, Tires and Rims$25 – $35 (oversized)

Wash & Wax

Hand Wash Service, Orbital Applied Wax$50 – $70 (oversized)

Orbital Wax

Wash and Wax Service, Clay Bar$99.95 – $119.95 (oversized)

Orbital Wax & Sealtek

Hand Wash Service, Clay Bar, Sealtek Paint Sealant$149.95 – $169.95 (oversized)


Full Interior Detail

Door Jambs, Mirrors, Glass, Dash, Console, Vents, Vacuum Cracks,Seats Cleaned, Protectant Added Throughout Cabin

$89.95 – $109.95 (oversized)

Shampoo Package

All fabric in the cabin of the vehicle$69.95 – $89.95 (oversized)
Seats- The rows of seats in the vehicle- 35.95 – $55.95(oversized)
Floor Mats – The floor mats in vehicle – $35.95 – $55.95

Leather Conditioning

Condition all leather surfaces for more protection$44.95 – $64.95 (oversized)

Fabric Protectant

Protect Your Car’s Interior from Life’s Little Accidents$34.95 – $55.95 (oversized)

Basic Interior

Cabin Vacuum, Clean glass mirrors, and Dashboard$10 (oversized) $20

Interior & Exterior

Deluxe Detail

Hand Wash + Wax + Full Interior

$119.95 – $139.95 (oversized)

Platinum Package

Handwash + Orbital Clay Bar Wax + Trim + Full Interior + Shampoo Package + Leather Conditioning Where Applicable. $249.95 – $269.95 (oversized)
PlusSealtek $279.95 – $299.95 (oversized)

There are times when you need your car to stand out in the crowd. For those occasions, @ The Car Wash, a car wash in Fredericksburg offers the detailing services you need to make your car a star. All services use only the highest quality products, including the most effective equipment designed to do more than just clean your car, but care for it. Bring your car in for one of our detailing services, or go with a package for additional value. @ The Car Wash, we will make your ride glow.

Exterior Services

For those times when you want to turn heads every time you drive by, give one of our exterior detailing services a try.

Hand Wash

Sometimes, you can’t be too careful. If you truly cherish your car, only a hand washing will do. We will use the finest soaps and softest microfiber towels to remove ever bit of surface dirt and grime, working only by hand. We will pay special attention to the tires and rims, and will take the time to hand dry it too.

Wash & Wax

Take the hand wash service to the next level with the additional of an orbital applied wax. Not only can this help protect your vehicles exterior, it can bring a new level of shine to all of your painted services.

Orbital Wax

Meet the big brother of the Wash & Wax service. Here we add a clay bar service to get the contaminants that a simple wash can’t budge, bring a new level of clean to the table.

Orbital Wax and Sealtek

For those who want only the best for their car, this service provides all of the other exterior services and finishes with a Sealtek Paint Sealant to really finish the job.

Interior Services

Now that the outside of your car shines like new, make sure your interior gets the same level of treatment with an @ The Car Wash interior detailing service package.

Full Interior

Go all out with a full interior service. The professionals from @ The Car Wash will go over every nook and cranny including the door jambs, mirrors, glass, dashboard, console and vents. The interior will be thoroughly vacuumed and all seats will be cleaned. We will also add various protectants throughout the cabin, to help keep that clean feeling going well after you leave.

Shampoo Package

Whether you just want the seats or floors shampooed, or every fabric surface in the vehicle, we have a shampoo package to meet your needs.

Leather Conditioning

If you want to make sure your leather surfaces have an extra level of protection, the leather conditioning treatment is exactly what you need.

Fabric Protectant

Protect your fabrics from spills and the other hazards of life.

Odor Counteractant

If your car is smelling less than fresh, let @ The Car Wash take care of it.

Basic Interior

For those times when you just need a quick once over, the basic interior package includes a vacuumed cabin, glass and mirror cleaning, and a wipe down of the dashboard.

Interior & Exterior Packages

If you want to make sure your car shines inside and out, go for one of the @ The Car Wash combination detailing packages.

Deluxe Detail

If you are looking to cover all of the detailing basics, the deluxe detail offers the hand wash, wax, and full interior service in one complete package,

Platinum Package

The Platinum Package includes all of the best services including the Hand Wash, Orbital Clay Bar Wax, Trim, Full Interior, Shampoo Package, and Leather Conditioning services. You can add PlusSealtek service as an optional feature.

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