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To complete all of our car detailing services, we use only the highest-quality products, including the most effective equipment designed to do more than just clean your car, but care for it.

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Car Detailing Services in Fredericksburg

High-Quality, Effective Car Detailing Services for Your Vehicle

Restore Your Car’s Original Beauty 

There’s nothing like the eye-catching shine and sleekness of a new car the first time you drive it off the lot. Over time, though, the shine starts to fade — your paint begins to look worn, your upholstery becomes covered in grime, and your car just isn’t what it used to be. @ The Car Wash can help restore your car to the way it looked the first time you drove it. We offer a variety of quality car services, including paint correction, ceramic coating, and a full car detail. If your car is in need of exterior or interior detailing, contact @ The Car Wash in Fredericksburg. Our car detailing services will have everybody asking how your car got to looking so good.

Benefits of Car Detailing Services From @ The Car Wash:

  • Preserves paint condition 
  • Restores interior comfort 
  • Extends the life of your upholstery 
  • Improves and rejuvenates your car’s appearance 
  • Makes your car more pleasant to drive 
  • Saves you money and time in the long-run

Detail Menu

Exterior Services Standard Oversized
Hand Wash $45.00 $60.00
Hand Wash and Express $75.00 $99.00
Hand Wash and Wax $125.00 $155.00
Wash, Clay and Seal $225.00 $275.00
Decontamination Wash and Seal $350.00 $400.00
Under Carriage $25.00 $40.00
Interior Services Standard Oversized
Express Interior $35.00 $45.00
Basic Interior $125.00 $160.00
Premium Interior $250.00 $325.00
Shampoo Package $150.00 $185.00
Leather Cleaning and Conditioning Seats $99.00 $130.00
Interior and Exterior Packages Standard Oversized
Deluxe $210.00 $265.00
Platinum $325.00 $399.00

*Standard size vehicles two rows of seating, sedans, no lift kits, or ladders required to service vehicles.

*Oversized vehicles three rows of seating even folded down; SUV’s trucks minivans, ladder required to service vehicle.

Animal Hair Removal – $20.00 per 15 minutes over normal service

Extra labor cost alloted service time – $75.00 per hour

**All prices are subject to change based on the size and condition of the vehicle**

Deluxe Package:

(Most popular) Full interior, Hand Wash, Hand Wax, Tires, Rims, and Tire Shine

Platinum Package:

(Full Monty) Full Interior, Shampoo All Upholstery, Leather Cleaning and Conditioning, Hand Wash, Clay Bar, Hand Wax, Tires, Rims, Tire Shine, and Trim.

Trust @ The Car Wash to Get Your Vehicle Looking New Again

We understand that you take pride in your vehicle and you only want the best when it comes to car detailing services. @ The Car Wash offers premium car wash services, including interior auto detailing and exterior detailing, to get your car looking brand new again. Our auto detailers will take ultimate care to ensure that your vehicle is restored in a high-quality, effective manner. We use industry-leading products and equipment, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best car detailing services in Fredericksburg.  Contact us today to learn more or schedule your car detailing services today!

Exterior Detail Service 

There are times when you need your car to stand out from the crowd. For those occasions, @ The Car Wash, your local car detailing center in Fredericksburg, offers the car detailing services you need to make your car a star. All services include the use of only the highest quality products, as well as the most effective equipment designed to not only clean your car, but care for it. Bring your car in for one of our detailing services, or go with a package for additional value. @ The Car Wash will make your ride glow.

Interior Auto Detailing

Go all out with a full interior auto detailing for your vehicle as well. The professionals from @ The Car Wash will go over every nook and cranny including the door jambs, mirrors, glass, dashboard, console, and vents in your car. The interior will be thoroughly vacuumed and if shampooing of upholstery is needed that is a available to add on to your services. We will also add various protectants throughout the cabin to help keep that clean feeling going long after you leave.

Interior and Exterior Service

If you want to make sure your car shines inside and out, opt for one of the @ The Car Wash combination detailing packages. The deluxe detail offers the hand wash, wax, and full interior service in one complete package. The Platinum Package includes all of the best services including the hand wash, orbital clay bar wax, trim, full interior, shampoo package, and leather conditioning services. You can also add PlusSealtek service as an optional feature.

A clean, shiny car will not only make you feel like a proud owner of your vehicle, but it will also help make driving more comfortable, safe, and enjoyable. @ The Car Wash aims to provide you with quality, timely car detailing services, so you can get back to loving your car the way you used to. 

@ The Car Wash offers a variety of services for different types and sizes of vehicles, including standard, oversized, and dual-oversized. To learn more about our car detailing services, read below or contact us in Fredericksburg today! We look forward to working with you and helping restore your car’s beauty!


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