Cloudy Headlights? Old Decals? New Scratches? Grimy Engine? Dull Chrome? @ The Car Wash Will Restore & Renew Your Car and Make You Really Love Your Ride Again!

Fredericksburg’s premier detail shop offering you restorative services to help you save a buck or two on restoring the used to make it look as close to new as possible.  When your headlights are hazy or extremely cloudy, or you are trying to pass your state inspection bring it to @the car wash and you will surely love the results and savings from not having to buy a new pair of headlight assemblies.  The great part of about our headlight restoration service we have a one year guarantee that the headlights will stay clear and bright.


Repaying your vehicles engine with a clean, sleek, and shiny engine is one service that many people look past in the process of detailing, cleaning, or maintaining one’s vehicle.  If you have brakes that produce copious amounts of brake dust and don’t attend to them; the brake dust will eventually become impossible to remove.  That’s when a call to @the car wash is needed to restore those pitted rims and wheel wells to come back to life and add some shine to them.  There’s nothing better than wearing a new pair of shoes, but when your shoes are freshly clean and looking brand new you want the world to see them why not show off your vehicles freshly clean shoes off around town today?

It is inevitable that the wonderful inventions of self-retracting water sprinklers for our yards serve to make life easier and more convenient. Did you know sprinkler systems can cause damage to our vehicles over time?  Sprinkle systems, well water, acid rain, and the water from our hoses at home leave water spots.  One would think that the water that has caused these spots, and damaged the glass/ paint, could be removed with soap and water.  This would be an inaccurate or false notion.  There is an actual chemical, method, and elbow grease that is needed to remove these “water spots” and by you bringing your vehicle to @the car wash have made the right decision in getting the exterior of your vehicle restored.

We all hate having to park our vehicles in busy shopping malls, grocery stores, or even work parking lots, next to those vehicles that just look like their owners don’t take care of their second largest investment, vehicles.  Knowing this we just know that when we come back our parking neighbors next to us are going to leave us a nice little surprise.  The surprise they may leave us could be a little paint transfer down the side of the vehicle or some hair line scratches of some sort.  Thankfully @the car wash can make some of these topical scratches go away, correct your paint, and make it look brand new once again.  This service you would have to come by and get a quote from us, by why not and while you are here check out our state of the art facility and get a car wash.

Headlight Restoration



  • Restores Dim and Hazy Lights
  • Makes Lights Clearer
  • 1 yr. Guaranteed
  • $65 for Pair

Adhesive Removal

  • Decals, Labels, Sticker Removal
  • Vinyl Removal
  • Artillery Fungus Removal
  • Water Spot Removal

Polishing & Cleaning

Pricing based on condition

  • Chrome/Polishing
  • Wheel/Rim Cleaning
  • Engine Cleaning
  • $50 - $75 for Oversized

High Speed Paint Correction Package


  • For whole Car Starting @$225
  • For Spots or Specific areas Call or stop by for quotes

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